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See why Deltar is the number one
racking installation company in New Zealand.


Deltar supports customers across a broad range of industries with managing, storing, and maintaining their logistical needs. Our experienced team of installers has what it takes to deliver a world-class result that meet all of your requirements.

From longspan shelving in your shopfront to large complex automation projects you can have confidence that our team will carry out all installations to meet the industry standards.


Single Selective Racking

Deltar is efficient at installing single selective racking and double deep racking, The team finds this the most satisfying type of racking to look back on at the completion of a project.

Single Selective Racking - Deltar

Cantilever Racking

 Cantilever Racking can be a bit of a head-scratcher, but we have developed some excellent techniques to make it safe and easy for our team to work with confidence while installing cantilever racking.

Cantilever Racking - Deltar

Double Deep Racking

Double Deep or also known as Deep Reach Pallet Racking is a simple and cost-effective system to increase your capacity with two-deep storage capacity.

Double Deep Racking - Deltar

Raised Storage Areas

Modular-designed mezzanine platforms require a bit of knowhow and good teamwork, starting from the ground up our team knows how to install mezzanine floors in a safe and efficient manner.

Carpet Racking

 Installing carpet racking can be demanding if not done right, the team really know how to use MHE and work as a team to make it as effortless as possible.

Hot Aisle Containment

Hot aisle containment systems(HACS) are designed to house servers or computers that require adequate cooling, our team has the expertise to install these units for you.

Longspan Shelving

Also known as Shop Shelving, these are installed in shops and display rooms where we are often working in customers work spaces. The Deltar team knows how to conduct themselves while installing these relatively simple systems to make it a hassle free process for our customers.

Shuttle Racking Systems

 Shuttle Racking systems require a keen eye for detail and a high level of accuracy, our teams understand the importance of having millimetre perfect installations to ensure the shuttles operate perfectly for many years.

Drive-In Racking

 Drive-In Racking requires good technique to install, this is due to the block-like design of these units which require a degree of accuracy. Deltar has refined the installation technique for drive-in systems to ensure they are installed efficiently and accurately.


We believe investing in the best people builds the best teams that serve the best customers.


Here at Deltar, we are committed to ensuring our team exceed the highest industry safety standards.


Our team at Deltar doesn't just talk about excellence - we deliver it - on time, every time.

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